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Here is a selection of some writing that may interest you. For filtering purposes, I have broken them into a few categories, and arranged them with the most recent first (look at the dates). The full set of articles is available on the wayback machine and some newer ones at the Heart of Agile website.

Discussion of dependency injection etc
2023-05-23 19:57 Discussion of Dependency Inversion, Dependency Injection, Dependency Lookup, Configurable Receiver a...
Hexagonal Architecture slides, CraftCon 2023, Budapest
2023-05-19 12:38 Hexagonal Architecture (Ports & Adapters) talk at CraftCon 2023, Budapest May 19, 2023     New v...
Configurable Receiver
2023-05-18 11:00 Configurable Receiver   May, 2023   Configurable Receiver is the generalization of Dependency In...
Component + Strategy generalizes Ports & Adapters
2022-08-07 15:53 Component + Strategy generalizes Ports & Adapters   September, 2022   Component + Strategy allow...
Disciplined Learning
2013-02-01 13:36 How “Learn Early, Learn Often” Takes Us Beyond Risk Reduction   February, 2013   "Apply Figure 1...
In Search of Methodology
1994-07-01 11:52 In Search of Methodology   July, 1994   My first-ever article on methodology, in which I summari...

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