Round-table with corporate executives


Not many people can speak with authority on how to balance long-term corporate needs with the short-term thinking that characterizes agile development. Dr. Cockburn is one of those few. He has helped companies around the world face the question of corporate and national culture, resistance to change and the need to change *now*.


In this round table session, a limited forum of executives get to dialog directly with Dr. Cockburn and learn realistic expectations and ways to proceed.

'Agile' day for the entire organization


This is an in-person event for everyone that fits in one room, often 80 to 150 people, all roles, all levels. Experience first-hand from the person who literally wrote the book on Agile Development just what agile feels like in motion.


An opening lecture to orient everyone to the origin and latest ideas in agile, through several fast-paced learning-filled activities, to a final company-wide problem-solving session or private conversation with executives, the day is packed with insights and learning.

Coaching specialties, including coaches and HR


Project managers are looking for their place in the agile word; managers are wondering what their purpose is and how to deal with new responsiblilities; HR has much to contribute in the new world, influencing the company far beyond just running their internal projects in sprints; coaches have their own frustrations.


At one to two hours each, these sessions are opportunities for specialties to get some personal attention and coaching. Help specific roles sharpen their game.

Coaching in small teams


Let one or more of your small, cross-functional teams with a delivery assignment brainstorm with Dr. Cockburn.


A special treat for a team to explore possibilities with one of the founders of the field. They will hear stories of winning and losing strategies, get lots of ideas for what to try next, gain insight into their own situation.

Organizational health check


The common assessment takes three to five people a week. Using his sharp listening skills, Dr. Cockburn manages the same in just three days. Two days interviewing people at every level and specialty, the third day collating results and presenting to the sponsors. Participants say they appreciate having someone listen to them. Sponsors like that the results are fast, broad, unbiased, and observant.


The end result is a short list of the top topics raised in the interviews, backed by quotes. What you do with that list depends on what you already have in place and where you want to go.

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