Tools for the Modern Product Owner

Two Days or Three Days of Tool Gathering

Agility meets product management in the 21st century


Agile is all too often “not thinking, just doing.” A good Product Owner must both think and be agile. This course, taught by the world’s leading expert on agile project management, world-famous author of Writing Effective Use Cases, and co- author of the Agile Manifesto, helps you learn to do both.

In the 21st Century, the modern product owner or product manager may need to do a business assessment, a "SWOT" analysis, write a business case, understand the motivations of stakeholders, write personas, use cases and user stories, take intermediate results out to sample users and correlate feedback, trim and pare the request list, and finally, every other week, stand in front of the development team and defend a set of decisions on "this is what we should do next".


That is more than can fit into two or three days of training, it is an entire profession. For this course, Dr. Cockburn has selected a small and sharp set of tools that draw a straight line from a system mission statement to the user stories that will be discussed with the team.


In this course, learn how to


  • Capture stakeholders’ emotional needs
  • Apply Subjective Quality for triangulation of features
  • Align and power your organization with the Heart of Agile
  • Blitz-plan to show clients development options
  • Split features and stories
  • Trim the tail to get maximize value when time runs out
  • Organize requests from opinionated people into a linear backlog


Learn essential skills and attitudes to obtain the views of stakeholders, organize them according to perceived value, bargain and negotiate them across conflicting departments, and line them up in a two-dimensional grid to optimize delivery in small time scales. Learn to align a flood of conflicting input and missing information to create the most valuable delivery package, while conversing with clients, users, customers, to test decisions along the way.

Learn mission statement, stakeholder analysis, motivational analysis, Kano subjective qualities, “trimming the tail” for delivering in time deadlines, and more. Understand how these simple techniques fit together to allow you to organize your crazy life and show up at the next sprint planning meeting confident you have the right stories to develop.

Attend this course from the world’s leading expert on agile, use cases, user stories and agile project management, and leave with a Heart of Agile Level B certificate.

The techniques reviewed are valuable in carrying out any kind of project, not only agile ones.

Course Properties


Product Owners, Product Managers


Two days or Three Days

In-person or Remote:




Who should attend:

People entering the world of agile product management, or wishing to deepen their skill base by learning from one of the founders of the field.


20 people max


Heart of Agile Level B Certificate

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