Here are a few videos that will help you get to know me. Check out the large selection of about three dozen personal and professional videos on my YouTube channel. For more, you can find dozens more on the web, many from conferences.




Professional Videos

The Origin of the Agile Manifesto

February, 2021


February, 2021 was a month of reflecting on how the Agile Manifesto got written. Two hosts allowed me to speak at length about what preceded it (the work of the 90s) and what happened in the room. Keep in mind, of course, that I was only one of 17 people in the room (as I keep reminding everyone on all possible occasions!), so this is my personal journey and recollection.


The Heart of Agile session :

The Smidigkonferansen:

(note: "smidig" is the Norwegian word used for "agile" in this context)

Hexagonal Architecture

June, 2017


"Agile in the Hexagone", organized by Thomas Pierrain, was my first chance to say why I constructed the Hexagonal Architecture pattern. I'm very glad I got this opportunity to give the long story, background and intentions. Subtitls in Spanish by Juan Manuel Garrido de Pax (whose website is a fount of information on Hexagonal Architecture)


Shell casings, Batman, and contextual clues

March, 2013


In this lovely Q&A session, I was asked a tricky question and ended up reflecting on an old Batman comic I read as a kid. Shell casings turn out to be the magic. Take a look.




Personal Videos

Freediving down to the Kodiac Queen w  Jaws soundtrack

August, 2017


Action picks up about 30 seconds in :). My assignment was to go down to about 60 feet and find out the name of the ship. My GoPro had an automatic shutoff at 50 feet, so I had to keep redoing it until I got a clip that didn't shut off in the middle. The soundtrack makes a boring dive a bit interesting, esp with the woman's legs in chomping range.:))



Alistair's magical spinach-eggs recipe

October, 2020


Filmed by the wonderful Maria Matarelli, the full egg recipe in construction. How she managed all those shots and zooms in real time I'll never know. Try this - I've converted people all around the world to this breakfast dish.



Poem: Every story has two sides

Sept, 2010


In 2010, I filmed the reading of some of my poems (which may come out "some time soon"). Here is one.



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