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agile is not dead

Article:  Agile is not dead, quite the opposite

August, 2019


Even with almost a million people who have taken a Certified ScrumMaster course and perhaps double that for non-certified agile courses, we have scarcely touched the work force. In fact, we have hardly scratched the surface of people who can benefit from working with the agile mindset.


So, no, agile is not dead, quite the opposite.


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Video:  Shell casings, Batman, and contextual clues

March 2013


Being asked a tricky question, I ended up reflecting on an old Batman comic I had read as a kid. Shell casings turn out to be the magic.


Take a look, Batman shows up about 2:20 into the video.


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Here is an experiment. I am recording audio versions of all my books. Part of the question is how to present fragments of audio online. The following is a 3-minute extract from my 1997 book "Surviving Object-Oriented Projects", the section on "Sentences you hope never to hear", this one being "Just model the world, then code!" Take a listen and let me know any thoughts you have, good or bad. Enjoy :)